lions history
Lions are known most for being instinctual animals, renowned for being the kings of the jungle, lions live a very different lifestyle based on primal instinct and nature’s laws.

In ancient times, lions could be found anywhere from Africa up to Greece. Lions live by codes — an invisible set of rules — based on the alpha dynamic.

Populations of lions in Africa have been dramatically reduced — by half — since the 1950’s. Today there are fewer than 21,000 lions that remain in Africa.

A pride consists of 15 lions. Related females typically “run the pack” up until male alpha dynamic lions arrive to claim the female Diaspora. Males typically rule a pride for a span of anywhere from 4–8 years, with desire to rule indefinitely. The lions’ pride remains as long as the dominant lion has a successful relationship with cubs to further his reign.

Our Association with Lions

In our times of such easily sustained life, the lion pack thrives with pure instinct and devotion to becoming the most dominant in our field of expertise, utilizing the tactics of the lions’ pride we have developed exceptional mathematical formulas to transform ourselves from today’s servant-based lifestyle and transform us back to the primal states of power in which we humans have came from, thus causing us to further evolve as Mother Nature designed us to be.