After your initial dial in assessment interview, the Lion Pack feels it is essential to include all products with your monthly membership.

Products included with training packages:  (Monthly online members receive the full benefits below.)

Become a certified Lion Pack member today for exclusive healthy weekly tips, scheduled Skype and FaceTime check-ups, "calling" plus an array of e-coaching videos that are specifically created for our individual members!

Non-members receive #1–3 (join the Pack today)

  1. Written nutrition rubric.
  2. Written work-out regime.
  3. Guest spa privileges: sauna steam rooms available at our private gym area.
  4. Hydration (h20) is provided.
  5. Healthy builder bars are also available for hard working members as a snack after workouts.
  6. Outstanding social support as well as weekly check-ups with your Lion Pack trainer, and track record blogs.
  7. Weekly nutritional updates via email.
  8. Skype/Facetime scheduled calling.
  9. E-coaching / personal video.
  10. 50% discount on all training meetings!.

* We ask that all members bring their own towels, as well as proper workout attire.


-lion pack fitness protein bars!

-lion pack fitness jumpsuits !

october 2019