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Today’s fitness world is filled with egotistical trainers promising results yet never actually teaching the tips that are essential for proper growth in the field. I am a very different type of trainer, I zero in on all my clients and provide them with 100% of my undivided attention.


Throughout the years I have accumulated numerous hidden secrets within the fitness world and I will be advising you to review my current tips and tricks to aid you with your goals.

Metabolism Reset: Resetting the metabolism is a key to becoming fit in general. One should think of metabolism like a fire. Your body will naturally burn fat if you sustain your metabolism, so keep eating. Set timeframes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, typically 4 to 4 1/2 hours apart. By doing this one step, your results will increase dramatically, along with an acceleration of your exercise routine.

Metabolism Shocking:  Green tea is an ideal way to shock the metabolism and tell it to get ready for a change in diet. Try starting each day with a nice cup of green tea, it will both assist in natural fat burning and aid in the cleansing of your system, making it somewhat easier to sweat.

Metabolism Theory: The automotive engine is scientifically based on the functions of human anatomy, so treat your body like a engine. Use the best petrol: 87% will get you by, but 100% octane will get you there fast. This world is full of people who talk about what they want, yet the ones who perform best do little talking.

10 Minute Fruits Rule: For accelerated food digestion use this hidden secret: apply the 10 minute fruit rule anytime you may feel that you have had an exceptionally large meal and wish to aid the body in the digestion process. Fruits; like pears, oranges, and bananas, are true kept secrets in the fitness world. After my 8 years in this field, I can assure you that eating these fruits 10 minutes after your meals will increase the digestion process, as well as act like a natural source of sweetness, helping you skip the use of soda or other beverages using artificial ingredients.

  Almighty Asparagus: A great source of B vitamins (B1, B2, Niacin, Choline +B6,  and folic acid), asparagus aids in nerve cell construction. It is suggested that you purchase brightly green stalks with tightly closed tips..>major inflammatory assistance.

  Whole Grain Quinoa: An ancient grain packed with tons of great nutrients including magnesium, fiber, and zinc as well as whole protein, there are over 100 types of quinoa, which is also a complex carbohydrate.

Brain Food: Foods like salmon aid in omega 3’s + fatty acids in communication to brain cells. Eggs also help stabilize brain properties and enhance flow of neurotransmitters — very hidden secret.

Please note that these tips and tricks will be updated weekly so stay tuned in to your Lion Pack agenda.

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