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Overall goals for our clients:

We coach our clients to become knowledgable enough to work out without assistance, yet we also design rigorous routines for continued advancement!

We have a goal to top your personal goals.  Lion Pack aims to exceed your expectations thus we strive to leave you amazed .

The Lion Pack faculty would like to engage in a new concept for overall fitness, thus we have solidified programs to achieve the greatest results using a variety of methods.
(photo below 'recognition from the 8 time Mr.olympia phil heath.)

We feel the price for fitness shouldn't be as high as it is in today's market.  Most fitness trainers are requesting $360.00 - $429.00/week,

lionpack fitness is reasonable.



We have arranged different and awesomely reasonable packages for our members!

*Note: all Lion Pack online members receive 50% all services provided!*

Online coaching: $100 / mo

Hourly rate: $25.00 / hr

Contact us to schedule. Email or phone today.


Monthly Packages

All monthly packages include 3 meetings per week along with diet recommendations for morph categories.

Foundation Package

$220 per month / 2-3 trainings per week for 4 weeks

Add on $15 per month for a workout program (see options in Workout Program section below) and written statement (par-Q) forms as well as diet planner.


Teen package  (ages 12–18): $10 / hour

Choose hours:

Parents’ Bundle: $29.99/month
Special deals for new members with children.

"Tag-Along": the Tag-Along workout is geared for parents to bring their child with them for a interactive workout for both "us" adults and 1 kid: $29.99/hr. For more information, email us with the Subject: "tagalong19", or click the button to purchase 1 month:

Monthly rate includes 2 meetings per week and a Parents’ Guide to Active Teenage Fitness!


Meal Plans  (upon request)



Workout Programs without assistance: $15.00 
Workout Program types: all training is in variations of high intervals ('not to be confused with the hoax called Hit training .)

1 - Hercules: strength program: utilizing my own methods to add strength high volume training.

2 - Ken 'mah'kazi: martial arts based program.

3 - King Tut: isolation based program for T.U.T.

4 - Treyway: a custom program that infuses all lion pack fitness tactics,

5 - Super-Shero: this program is designed for competitive females who also would like to gain strength  and gain athletic  performance , usually it consists of a high volumetric training mixed with stability control as well as a bootcamp style cardio routine, this program has been the absolute best for females age 23-38,

Plans are custom designed for optimum results in performance — no one plan is the same.


We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all transactions.

31 success stories and counting!!

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”We must get started to become great.”   – l. brown


Advisement:  The Lion Pack is devoted to overachieving the goals of our clients, thus we have to inform you that not everyone who thinks they are ready to "Run the Pack" is necessarily ready at the time of physical assessment.  The Lion Pack is based on INTENSITY and DEDICATION — it takes heart and the faith of the lion’s pride to withstand what you may face.  We are here to motivate and guide you beyond your limitations!  

What does your growl sound like?