"This Order-That Order" :

Mental Adjustments for Achieving Alkalinity!

Becoming alkaline: having the properties of an alkali, or containing alkali; having a pH greater than 7.

In my years of training I have found tremendous amounts of research promoting the usage of becoming alkaline to combat today's vast array of "this order-that order"; that is, people who have issues with health due to what they are eating.

holistic healing methods: using nature rather than pharmacies is the essential way to rid yourself of almost any disorder, thus i personally only take vitamins and herbs in powder or capsule forms to remain at my physical peak.

Being that I am a personal trainer/coach, I am not able to tell you exactly what to consume, yet I can give you supporting information on my claim.

Let's all become alkaline by removing the impurities of common acidic/starchy foods and replace them with green foods with a full pH level of 7 or higher.

* Warning *  This level of mental training requires endless hours of positive acceptance.

What to do today...

  • 24-hour monitoring of the nutrition intake
  • A scheduled wake-up-till-evening diet plan
  • 3-5 alkaline shakes (per day) blended in home for optimal results!
  • Important to wake up and eat before 8am for metabolism shock. So you want to get up at 6am take your vitamins  (mens/women's multi) with a tall glass of water. Clients have seen the best results when they eat within 1hr after vitamins are consumed.

What to stop doing? Absolutely positively...


  • Don't eat heavy starches and man-made processed foods
  • Don't eat fast foods at all
  • Don't eat any dark meats except steak once a month
  • Limit dairy to same rule

Most importantly, you must believe in change!

The most critical component in any physical action of the mind is the focus of belief.


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