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Our Approach


Lion Pack Fitness came into creation in August, 2013, by  T. Jones  based on the nomadic way i was  raised, alongside the growing obesity issues in our family:I am defined by my adversities and gained  major victory afterwards,Ive  adapted this way of life to truly develop myself in a disciplined manner.

for more information please see OUR HISTORY at bottom of this page.


We are"  personally more intrigued  by an  individuals energy  to train rather than  vane images,  we applaud anyone who enjoys competition and working out as much as we do: especially for the betterment of our futures....

I have worked alongside some of the Bay Area’s best Personal Trainers. I have designed programs for over a dozen people with successful results. most of my peers work in facilities such as 24 hour fitness, crunch ,club one, ymca & truve .

I am grateful to have a reputation that is larger than i expect.

Fitness comes off as a harsh thing to many people, yet physique is simply a science, broken down into formulas which should be applied in the right synergy. Lion Pack Fitness is based upon African culture and a natural aesthetic. Being that we are firm believers in the natural way lions survive in the harshest of environments, We created our own way to transmute the ways of the lion pack into fitness disciplines. Thus Lion Pack Fitness came into being, and has been in the Bay Area growing steadily ever since.

31 success stories to date:1-31-1029

We focus on these five training disciplines:

  1. Training by Design -mirror designing.
  2. Muscle Confusion Tactics/strength training/resistance.
  3. Morph Genetic Training.
  4. Active Metabolism Construction.high intensity intervals.
  5. Specializing In Stabilization & Circuit Training.

Our motto is Run the Pack. Our trainers are personal motivators with knowledge in various fields. Alongside my Lion Pack brother, Ken Masters, we have set in motion a plan to address America’s growing obesity issue.

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Our personal tools:  Lion Pack fitness trainers have created multiple tools to assist you in your self-efficacy for exercise:

  • Self monitoring logs/blogs you can update to our site regularly to track and monitor your personal progress.
  • We practice social support: emails and occasional phone calls referring to fitness can be scheduled when necessary.
  • Online videos of demonstration and newsletters via email.
  • Active communication:  Lion Pack trainers are adamant about communication. Feel fee to contact us with any questions or general information about us or our establishment with American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM national accreditation)
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  • "the national strength and conditioning association conducted a recent survey of prices and found the average of $50hr-$100 hr with a range from 2006-2015" lion pack fitness would like to meet clients in the middle as far as being reasonable and available. thank you for your consideration.


our history: cont'd ...

The lion pack fitness team came about when two nomadic male lions met in the savanna in California 2013: Ken.h had to endure some physically hectic scenarios within the domain of his paternal father figure in which it lead him to become "nomadic" a outsider in his own home & ultimately left him feeling less than a man prior to gaining true brotherhood.  of T.jones ,  & unfortunately for me i was raised under a truly emotionally abusive household which lead to our paths being frighteningly similar in comparison...we identified our lions eyes and we bonded.

how we met":  "2 male lions noticed one another on the martial arts & fitness training fields in the bay area summer of 2013"...however for the first 6 months these 2 lions did not speak to each'other they simply observed,... "Nomadic lions" rarely group up in the lions culture yet it was inevitable for us 2, as we became closer our bond became twofold " we both shared similar views as well as coming from similar backgrounds " we became family to 1 another and we shared a vision we deemed "lion pack fitness" eventually learning and teaching 1 another we became more than brothers we became young entrepreneurs & students of the "lions laws".

Today we are actively preparing ourselves for the lion pack fitness initiative in California (see description cont'd)   we thrive to encourage you and others relative to our circumstances to have a proper sense of family values as well as a keen sense of fitness discipline  & cultural respect in order to aide young men and women seeking alternative ways of fashioning ourselves into Great men & women.

thank you for considering "lion pack fitness".


Lion Pack Fitness